Chippa X Sketchy Tank 2mm Jacket / Vest Wetsuit

$119.95 $199.95
By Adelio

  • A limited Edition collaboration with Chippa Wilson and California based Artist Sketchy Tank 
  • Signature model 2 mm vest with reversed engineered GBS stitching.
  • 1/4 size 10 YKK back zip

Size Guide


Chest Width 41 cm

Waist Width 37 cm

Body Length 70 cm

Weight 65-73kg

Height 5'5"-5'9"

Medium Short

Chest Width 43 cm

Waist Width 40 cm

Body Length 70 cm

Weight 69-77kg

Height 5'7"-5'9"


Chest Width 43 cm

Waist Width 40 cm

Body Length 72 cm

Weight 73-80 kg

Height 5'7"-5'10"

Medium Tall

Chest Width 43 cm

Waist Width 40 cm

Body Length 75 cm

Weight 73-80 kg

Height 5'10"-6'1"


Chest Width 45 cm

Waist Width 42 cm

Body Length 75 cm

Weight 78-85 kg

Height 5'10"-6'1"

Extra Large

Chest Width 47 cm

Waist Width 44 cm

Body Length 77 cm

Weight 85 -95 kg

Height 6'0"-6'4"

Adelio wetsuits run small.

Frank wears size Medium with Adelio.
He wears Medium Short sized wetsuits with other brands.

Adelio wetsuits

So if you usually fit in a Medium Short wetsuit, choose size Medium with Adelio.
If you are Medium Tall, choose Large.

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Adelio wetsuits and surf accessories boast the latest in modern features and cutting edge technologies (minus the unnecessary marketing gimmicks). We use only the highest grade of 'limestone' neoprene available which greatly reduces our carbon footprint. The limestone is used in the manufacturing process and replaces the petrochemicals in some other forms of neoprene currently on the market. Carbon black, one of the key ingredients of neoprene, is now also pyrolysed from scrap rubber tyres which significantly reduces energy consumption and cuts c02 emissions by 299g per wetsuit.

The traditional solvent based laminating glue used in the production process has been switched out with new water based glue which eliminates harmful and volatile compounds. This uses 600g less of the solvent based glue per wetsuit. The colours that are on any of our suits have also been done using dope dyed yarn. Dope dying infuses dye pigments into molten plastic solution to produce coloured yarn without the dying process. This saves tremendous amounts of water while reducing energy consumption and water pollution. The polyester fabrics used to laminate to the neoprene also have recycled plastic bottles integrated. The result is a more environmentally advanced solution which uses around 45 plastic bottles per wetsuit.

Adelio will always strive to stay at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing processes. Our revered reputation is not only a reflection of the countless hours we spend perfecting our products, but also an obligation to continue providing innovative performance wetsuits and surf accessories that are of the highest standard.


Adelio’s 4-way flex limestone neoprene allows for ultimate strength and mobility serving as a much needed alternative to traditional petroleum based neoprene. This unique combination of lightweight limestone neoprene has less impact on our environment while also offering maximum warmth, flexibility and stretch in the water.


Adelio’s unique beveled edge seals help prevent flushing through the wrist and ankle openings. This creates a seal that helps water flow seamlessly over the entry points, avoiding any penetration into the suit.


Adelio's unique Therma-loc ‘quad-layered’ internal lining is flexible and soft against the skin. The light-weight, quick-drying grid allows the body to retain the heat it’s generated while wicking moisture away, keeping you drier and warmer for longer.


Adelio’s welded, glued and blind stitched (GBS) seams reduce sew through and water entry to keep you warmer. This light and flexible seam sealant provides an added water tight reinforcement following the body's natural curvature.


Adelio’s anatomical, performance-focused design helps maximise flexibility with ergonomically placed seams and structured panelling. Countless hours of meticulous design and sampling ensures we develop ever-evolving solutions to achieve ultimate comfort while minimising weight and drag in and out of the water.