"Smooth and reliable
blade for the better days"



When the waves turn on, the Aurora won't let you down.

With the nose more pulled in than the tail, the Aurora has a more traditional surfboard look. This outline matches the more rockered design. The pointy nose has a fair amount of flip on it, making late drops and critical turning more efficient. At the back, it features a minimal hip where the fins start, creating a clear pivot point. The squash tail is relatively wide, creating some lift which helps gliding across fatter sections, instead of sinking.

The Aurora's bottom is simple. It features a single concave throughout the board, finishing with a slight double concave between the fins to vee off the tail. In addition, the overall medium rails will give a smooth feeling with no surprise for when things get serious. The fin setup is a traditional thruster, which amplifies reliability with more control over the board. If it's more speed than control you're looking for, than, the Twin + trailer option is for you.

The Aurora is our best model for good waves, but it still has plenty of features that make it a great daily driver. Wider nose, wider tail than traditional shortboards : it will save you on many sessions. With its increased curves, it will assist you in steeper conditions making this model a fantastic travel board.

Stock Dimensions

5'4 x 19.25" x 2.25" - 24L*

5'6 x 19.38" x 2.31" - 26L*

5'8 x 19.5" x 2.38" - 28L*

5'10 x 19.75" x 2.44" - 30L*

*Note that volumes are approximate since every surfboard is handshaped.

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