This simple concept would change the way we build and ride surfboards forever. Removable fins not only made travelling easier, but more importantly, allowed surfers to customise the performance of their surfboard by having the ability to seamlessly test and utilise different fin templates. The opportunity would unlock untapped potential, and see our sport’s most talented athletes reach unprecedented heights.

With innovation at the heart of the brand, FCS has become a true leader in the surf hardware space with an unwavering commitment and desire to enhance the surfing experience, whether that’s in the water or the journey of getting there.

At FCS we've made it our mission to minimise our footprint by designing high quality products that use low-impact, sustainable materials.


Made with a 50% glass and Bio-Resin EcoBlend™, the NeoGlass Eco range delivers the same quality and trusted feel you’ve come to expect while reducing our carbon footprint by using more sustainably sourced materials.


Made from sugarcane-based bio-foam, the popular FCS T-3 traction pad has been reconstructed for sustainability with the same trusted performance you expect from the essential three-piece grip.


Both our new H4 and current FCS II fin packaging comes boxed in a paper-based pulp tray (made from old newspapers!) and a recycled PET plastic sleeve. All ink used are soy based which is better for the environment and also makes the paper easier to recycle.