From a profound passion of Creating & Performing started an endless quest : making the perfect surfboard.


Unique designs

Coming from a different background than the rest of the surf industry gives us a unique perspective. We ended up with some of the funnest surfboard designs. Through years of R&D, road testing and hours ripping the standing wave, we've perfected them. They now have proven performance.

Top of the line materials

We only use the best materials available for the production of Boréal Surfboards. The use of such materials like Bio Epoxy, S-Glass, Carbon, Innegra, for our constructions make for a premium quality surfboard. They insure the best ratio between durability & performance, keeping the boards light, lively & strong for a long time.

Road to sustainability

We will always be on the hunt for new and progressive eco-friendly technologies. For the moment, all of our surfboards are built using Bio Epoxy. Powered by plants, this epoxy replaces petro-chemicals with renewable, biobased materials. We also offer the lowest carbon footprint built surfboard in Canada. When you buy a Bolt model, you are getting a locally sourced foam core surfboard glassed with biobased epoxy. This combo delivers a green performant surfboard.

Handshaped surfboards.

Mathematical handcrafting

Every Boréal Surfboard is handshaped/handcrafted from start to finish. This gives us maximum control on quality and customization. We use 3D programming software for accurate, mathematical references, which are then applied to improve performance. Paired with skilled craftsmanship, this method produces next level quality surfboards.

Custom Orders

Unfortunately, custom surfboard orders are not available at the moment.