Retro twin 5'3 - Acid Green

By Boréal

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  • Height : 5'3
  • Width : 20.38"
  • Thickness : 2.38"


  • Construction : Stock
  • Foam core : EPS
  • Resin : Bio Epoxy
  • Glassing : 6 oz + 4 oz Bi-Axial/4 oz S-Glass
  • Stringer : 2 ply brown
  • Weight : 6.2 lbs
  • Acid Green opaque pigmented deck
  • Fin boxes : Futures
  • Volan box reinforcement
  • Full Bi-Axial deck patch
  • Shiny custom deck logo

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"Our modernized take on a timeless design"

In one word


The essence of the Retro twin is speed.

The classic Californian fish outline leads the Retro twin design. With a wide point forward and the Boréal flat deck, it has a good amount of volume under the chest for easy paddling & wave catching ability. The overall width of the Retro twin does give an insane amount of speed. The board goes so fast, but that's where the deep swallow tail comes in great. It's nice and tapered, giving it control for turns.

The Retro twin's bottom includes a deep single channel going all the way through the back. It amplifies speed by pushing all water between the twin fins without any obstruction. With vee off the nose and off the tail, it adds a bit of rocker which will make the board turn better.

If you are looking to go as fast as possible while increasing your wave count, don't look any further. The Retro twin is the perfect fish for that. It's light and lively, and combined with down rails, the Retro twin stands out in that board category. Pair it with Keel fins and you'll be able to drive your way around sections you never thought you would. You'll also draw longer & smoother lines which is significant when surfing this classic design.

Stock Dimensions

5'2 x 20.25" x 2.31" - 31L*

5'3 x 20.38" x 2.38" - 32L*

5'4 x 20.5" x 2.38" - 33L*

5'5 x 20.61" x 2.44" - 35L*

*Note that volumes are approximate since every surfboard is handshaped.