Alpha Rasta Twin + 1

By Futures

Twin + 1

The Futures Rasta Twin+1, built in Alpha construction, features Futures’ V Foil, allowing for smooth rail to rail transitions. The upright design and Speed Generating foil will bring an added level of performance to any Twin + 1 board. With Rasta's positive ecological outlook on the environment, we are stoked to offer his template in the Alpha construction.

Made in Huntington Beach, the Alpha product line combines Bureo's NetPlus recycled fishing nets with Futures' Compount 6 (C6) carbon and air infused technology.

  • Construction - Alpha (NetPlus)
      Side Fins Center Fin
      Area 19.76 7.90
      Height 5.14 3.26
      Base 4.60 3.18
      Angle 4.0 SYMM
      Foil V1 SYMM