Bolt 5'3 - Astroflex - Beige & Red fades

By Boréal

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  • Height : 5'3
  • Width : 19.88"
  • Thickness : 2.25"


  • Construction : Astroflex
  • Foam core : EPS
  • Resin : Bio Epoxy
  • Glassing : 4oz+4oz S-Glass/4oz S-Glass
  • Stringer : Stringerless
  • Beige faded rails
  • Red faded deck
  • Fin boxes : Futures
  • Weight : 5.5 lbs
  • Basalt bottom reinforcement (Astroflex technology)
  • Innegra parabolic reinforcement (Astroflex technology)
  • Basalt deck reinforcement (Astroflex technology)
  • Shiny deck logo

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Entire rails wrapped in Innegra fiber for advanced performance and durability.


Tail reinforcement strategically placed for optimal flex.


Carbon fiber spine for maximum strength and liveliness.

"Our newschool
twin fin design."

In one word


The Bolt is the ultimate twin fin design.

The Bolt features a parallel outline, where the nose and tail widths are almost identical. This is key for maximum speed generation. Combined with the classic Boréal flat deck, it will give you maximum momentum going down the line. The back half of the deck is domed, giving it a nice touch of sensitivity for a better control over the board.

A lot is going on with the bottom of the Bolt, but that's where the magic happens. It has a Bonzer style channel with a double concave inside it. This gives you the sensation of surfing on a cloud, while increasing your maneuverability. With vee off the nose and off the tail, you'll be able to draw lines like never before on a twin fin. There's also a center fin box for a trailer fin option, giving you the ability to choose control over looseness.

Don't be fooled by its groveler look, the Bolt delivers performance surfing to a high degree. You'll get an abundance of speed with its overall low rocker, wide squash tail and twin fin setup. Add to this its refine foiling, down rails and the blending of all its curves and you have an undeniable amount of drive and control.

Stock Dimensions

5'2 x 19.75" x 2.25" - 28L*

5'3 x 19.88" x 2.25" - 29L*

5'4 x 20" x 2.25" - 30L*

5'5 x 20.13" x 2.31" - 32L*

*Note that volumes are approximate since every surfboard is handshaped.